How It Works

What True Partnership Looks Like

The Best of Both Worlds

We combine the advantages of private practice with the support of a dental partnership to truly help doctors and their teams thrive. At SALT, our goal is to preserve the pure doctor-patient relationship, our own clinical autonomy, our livelihoods, and our adventurous lifestyles. We support you in all of your endeavors to grow as a dentist and as a person. Here’s how we can help:

IT Systems

Dental practices have unique needs when it comes to technology, and we offer set-up and maintenance to keep things running smoothly. With our IT systems, HIPAA is a top priority and we ensure that all of the digital components of your office work together seamlessly.

Human Resources

As your team grows, human resources becomes increasingly important. We’ll help you navigate complex and ever-changing regulations, develop internal policies, and ensure that every member of your team is treated with fairness and compliance.

Capital Financing

In order to grow predictably, SALT has sought out and assembled the right private equity team to sit on our executive board. This means that we’re able to tap into resources while remaining in control of all operations and financing.


Leave the number crunching to us! Our accountants, CPAs, and financial professionals will help you set better practice goals and save you both time and money. You'll be able to refocus that time toward your dental practice and do more of what you love.


Paying your employees, making the right tax deductions, and getting everything filed on time is no small task. We’ll take this off your plate so you can focus on what matters most— taking care of your patients with quality dental work!

Branding & Marketing

Now more than ever, patients want to feel connected to their healthcare providers. Branding and marketing will help you showcase your strengths and put your best foot forward in your community. Let SALT Dental Collective help you make a name for yourself!


Your team is one of your biggest assets and our recruiters will fill your hiring pool with qualified, capable talent. You spend a lot of time with your employees and we’re here to make sure that everyone who works in your office is the right fit for your culture and your needs.

Risk Management

 SALT Dental Collective works with you to protect your practice from potential risks and adverse consequences. All healthcare providers worry about the M word (malpractice), but with our risk management services, you can rest assured that you have a qualified, expert team working to identify, evaluate, contain, reduce, and eliminate potential risks.


Staying organized and on top of your appointment book is key to providing seamless, convenient dental care for your patients. We manage everything from booking to rescheduling and our team will never miss an opportunity to get a return visit on the books. We do our part to encourage first-time visitors to become loyal, lifelong patients at your practice.


SALT Dental Collective has a growth mindset, which means that we’ll introduce systems and processes into your practice that are designed to help the business scale and thrive. The sky's the limit, and we’re here to support your growth every step of the way.


Experience the comfort that comes with knowing your office is protected against audits and security breaches. We perform audits and provide recommendations to make sure your practice is compliant with HIPAA, OSHA, and other safety and privacy regulations.