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SALT Dental Collective Expands With Pristera Orthodontics Partnership

SALT Dental Collective is proud to welcome Pristera Orthodontics to our growing organization. This partnership brings SALT to a total of 14 strategic partnerships, and 42 practice locations!

Continuing to lead the team is Dr. Adam Pristera who takes great pride in delivering the best possible orthodontic experience to his patients and their families. Pristera Orthodontics offers a diverse range of services from braces and Invisalign to prevention and retention. They believe every smile is unique, which is why they provide a customized treatment plan for every patient.

Pristera Orthodontics has offices in Renton, WA and Burien, WA. Visit the Pristera Orthodontics website for more information.

Meet Dr. Adam Pristera

Fulfilling my dream since high school, I became a general dentist in 2005. Working as a general dentist, it didn't take me long to discover a passion for two areas of dentistry: orthodontics (braces) and endodontics (root canals). After years of hard work and schooling, I'm now proud to be one of a very small number of specialists in both fields. The love I have for my career is reinforced by both the personal and professional rewards from each of my two specialties. As a dual specialist, I have a unique opportunity to positively change the lives of patients of all ages. Because I'm involved at so many stages of treatment, across a wide range of ages, I can focus on the unique needs and goals of each patient individually, helping to plan out a beautiful smile for them in the long run. In serving the communities of Renton and Burien, I strive to deliver the best possible care to all of my patients. My treatment philosophy is focused on creating (orthodontics) and maintaining (endodontics) beautiful smiles that improve the overall health and well-being of my patients throughout their entire lives.