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Dylan Bates Named New CEO of SALT Dental Collective

Jim Evanger has led SALT Dental Collective on a path to continued growth over the past two years, but he will be stepping down as Chief Executive Officer this month. While Jim will be greatly missed, he will continue as our Board Director and stay actively involved in SALT’s growth and expansion. Dylan Bates, has been appointed the new CEO.

Dylan has extensive experience leading and growing multi-site health services and operations, and he has also been a member of the SALT board for four years.

Looking Back

When Jim started in the position, it was always known that he would be an interim CEO, so the plan was to transition him out. But who knew an interim CEO would be with SALT as the company grew from 18 to 52 dental and orthodontic practices, and expanded from two states to five.

Jim was also instrumental in building out a seasoned leadership team and hosting the first SALT Owner Doctor event. Jim truly has been a great leader and friend as SALT has grown its footprint to new locations. Jim commented,  “SALT has quickly become a leader in the industry. I’m excited about what we’ve built and look forward to continuing to support Dylan and the organization.”

Looking to The Future

SALT’s great leadership will continue with the addition of Dylan Bates. Dylan has spent over 20 years leading, growing and scaling multisite health care facilities. Most recently his leadership scaled a physical therapy group to over 800 locations. 

Dylan has also served as a board member for several other businesses, including Southern Vet Partners and Golden Bear Therapy Partners. He is also the founder of RESET Telluride, a luxury wellness retreat concept (

When asked about joining SALT Dylan commented, “I’ve got enthusiasm and passion for running plays that I know work. I’ve been on the sidelines as a board member since SALT’s inception and I’m excited to jump into this role and keep the momentum moving forward. I look forward to meeting the team and learning how I can best support everyone as the new CEO.” Dylan values culture through the development of people and believes in a bottom-up approach. 

A New Home Support Office

As Dylan steps into his new role, he and the board recognize it is the right time to open a physical Home Support Office. Dylan commented, “With our continued growth, there is a need to establish our ‘nerve center’; a collaborative campus where we can host meetings, trainings, strategy sessions and really be able to connect with our offices and team members in a meaningful and valuable way.”  SALT will relocate their headquarters from Bend, Oregon to Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Over the next 90 days, Jim and Dylan will work closely together to ensure a smooth transition. Jim states, “Dylan was very helpful to me as I was beginning my SALT journey, so I know the organization will be in great hands and the future is very bright.” 

In the meantime, SALT will continue to grow and maintain its commitment to creating successful partnerships with pediatric dentistry and orthodontics practices.

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