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We partner with like-minded dentists who want to collaborate and grow. SALT Dental Collective supports doctors so you can focus on adventuring through life professionally and personally. We want to create a better environment for dentists to excel in their businesses, so they can get back to enjoying what matters most.

Orthodontics at Bridgetower

Cascadia Smiles Orthodontics


Pristera Orthodontics


Kids Dental Specialists

WALTON Orthodontics


The Kids Dentist and Orthodontist




Peach Orthodontics


SCOTT FAMILY Orthodontics

Who We Work With

No matter what path you’re on in your dental career, SALT Dental Collective can meet you where you are. We work with recent graduates, associates, and practice owners to develop a partnership that allows you to live your best life and practice with autonomy.

Recent Grads

Weighing your options now that you’re done with dental school or residency? Looking for a strategic partnership that will allow you to focus on doing what you love? SALT Dental Collective offers recent grads the autonomy of practicing on their own terms along with the flexibility and peace of mind that comes with a trusted professional partnership.


By partnering with SALT, the value from all of our COLLECTIVE practices will be considered together, which allows for maximum positive impact in our dental community.  Under no other circumstances would an individual dentist be able to monetize their practice and create this kind of COLLECTIVE FORCE FOR GOOD!


If you have owned your practice for any amount of time, you likely invest more energy than expected into payroll, accounting, scheduling, and other administrative tasks. At SALT Dental Collective, we partner with you to give you the freedom to practice your passion without the stress or hindrance of running the show on your own.